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Expedition Mt."El Salto", 5000 m  
Andes Crossing Trek

Crossing The Andes Trek.

 Trekking high mountain

Full day, Trekking Aconcagua
2 days, High mountain & Aconcagua

Vallecitos- Cordon del Plata

3 days, "Mt. San Bernardo" 4500m
4 days, "Mt. Franke" 5000m
4 days, "Mt. El Salto" 5000m
5 days, "Mt. Vallecitos" 5800m
6 days,, "Mt. el Plata" 6310m.
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Expeditions in the Andes

3 days, "Mt. Penitentes" 4350m

 Trekking in Pre-cordillera

Full day, Natural Area Villavicencio

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Expedition 4 days  
"Cordon del Plata" Vallecitos - Mendoza / Argentina
Trekking to El Salto’s cascade, Refuge IANIGLA and Ascent "Mt. El Salto” 5000m.
General Information:
Cordon del Plata: (El Plata Range)

The Andes Mountain Range - Mendoza / Argentina
Maximum Elevation, 6.300 meters over the sea level.

The “Cordon del Plata” is a mountain range belonging to the Argentine Andes, located in the province of Mendoza, in Tupungato and Lujan de Cuyo’s departments, which is part of the Front Range (in a parallel line to the Principal Range or Limited Range) next to the “Cordillera del Tigre”, “del Portillo”, “Santa Clara”, “de las Llaretas”, “Carrizalito” and “la Ramada” (this last one located in the province of San Juan).

This one consist on summits of great importance (of 4,000, 5,000 and even 6,000 meters) is the most colorful part of the range that can easily be seen from the central north part of the province. From here, start watercourses as streams of Mules, El Salto, Vallecitos and the Rio Blanco.

At about 3000 meters above sea level, on its hillside, is the Vallecitos Ski Centre, the closest one to Mendoza’s city (approximately) about 80 km.

The most important hills that make up are: Mt. El Salto, Junción, Lomas Amarillas, Blanco, Mt. Agustin Alvarez, Mt. Rincon, Mt. Vallecitos, Negro (hill), Mt. Iluso , Mt. Adolfo Calle, Mt. Vallecitos , Mt. Stepanek, Mt. Cáucaso (summit), Mt. San Bernardo, Pico Parra, Mt. Mausy, Pico Franke, Mt. Santa Helena, Morro Chato, Pico Benay, Mt. Mensajero de la Paz, and finally the highest: Pico Plata or Platita (6,100 meters) and Mt. El Plata (6,300 meters).

The “Cordón del Plata”, along with the foothills of Precordillera, resulting high altitude valleys, which favors the condensation of moisture, creating microclimates, as in La Carrera’s area (Tupungato), where it is Possible planting potato seed.

Important population of turistic attractions: El Salto, Carmelo, Las Carditas, Las Vegas, Valle del Sol, Piedras Blancas, Los Zorzales.

Expedition Mt. el Salto, Cordon del Plata

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Expedition Mt."El Salto"
Expedition 4 days / 3 nights
Ascent Mt. "El Salto" 5000 m.o.s.l (meters over the sea level)
"Cordón del Plata"
Vallecitos - Mendoza / Argentina


Day 1: Departure by bus from Mendoza, until El Salto’s village, in Potrerillos’s town (Mendoza - Arg.) Situated on the foothills of “Cordon del Plata” in the middle of the mountain (2700mts)
Starting the Trekking of approximation to the base of the Hill.
After a few hours walking, we will first camp in front of "El Salto’s Cascade"

Day 2: Depart in the morning after breakfast. With our backpacks lists begin trekking over 3000 meters to arrive at the base camp where the refuge of IANIGLA belonging to CRICYT is located in the glacial moraine.
Dinner and accommodation.

Day 3: A good breakfast in the morning makes us able to start with the ascent to the summit. After half a day if the physical, mental and weather permitting, we will summit in this magnificent mountain: "El Salto." Feeling the owners of the world, and also so small and insignificant in the middle of the colossal mountains, we undertake to return to base camp. (Refuge I.A.N.I.G.L.A.). Dinner. Accommodation.

Day 4: Breakfast. We will clean the camp to undertake the descent to the area where the refuges are. In this place we will take the bus, to get back to Mendoza.

Included Services:

  • Private transfer Mendoza – Potrerillos – Mendoza.
  • All meals and drinks during the mountain itinerary.
  • Lodging in tents.
  • Professional mountain guides service.
  • Common use equipment (tents, pans, stoves).

ervices not included:

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Personal equipment.
  • Mules to transport equipment or personal porters (*).
  • Costs for rescue or evacuation.
  • Cost for give up the expedition.
  • Extra foods.
  • Extra expenses.


In the expedition is necessary to use communitary equipment like tents, elements of mountain kitchen, dishes, fuel, food for each day. This equipment should be moved to each camp that describe the program. The people that are part of the expedition will be the responsables to carry their own backpacks and all the equipment, distribute it in equitative form in each member. We don't carry porters or pack animals.

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