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 Andean Crossing

     Recommended Routes:
  - "Piuquenes Pass", 6 days
  - "Los Patos Valley", 10 days

     Others routes of this
     Adventure by  horses:

  - "Los Patos Valley", 11 days

    Data and Informations of the
    Andean Crossing Adventure:

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Horseback riding, 6 days

6 days, Horse riding "to the Glacier"
6 days, "Laguna del Diamante"

 Horseback riding, 5 days

5 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
5 days, Horse riding in "Winter"

 Horseback riding, 4 days

4 days, Horse riding "Real de la Cruz"
4 days, Horse riding + Aconcagua

 Horseback riding, 3 days

3 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
3 days, Horse riding "Manzano"

3 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"
3 days, Horse riding "Extreme"

 Horseback riding, 2 days

2 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"

 Horseback riding, full day

1/2 day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Manzano"

 Horseback riding in
 Colombia - new!

10 days, "Colombia`s Vergel"
6 days, "The Viceroy´s Roads"

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"Trekking Travel", Experts in Adventure Tourism
Horsebck Riding Expeditions and Trekking in the Andes

Why choose us?

Trekking Travel, is a specialized division of the company South Trekking Travel ® EVT (Travel and Tourism Company).
Our E.V.T. is registered and authorized by the Ministry of Tourism's Office, with record number 12092.

We have professional staff to enthusiast who loves nature, horses and the contact with people.

Our rates are adapted to our services. The prices of our tourism activities are closely linked with the professionalism and quality of service we provide to our passengers.

We provide adequate equipment for the high mountains and good quality. We do this with mules and horses which may climb to the summit of the mountains, as well as guides and baquianos experts of the high mountains.

We put emphasis on the ecology and not leave any residue behind us. The day after our camp, we let nature in exactly the same state it was found.

With us, you live to experience gaucho way, and if you like, you can learn to saddle, participate in the meaning of animals, helping to find the horses in the morning. Each night will be around a campfire, enjoying the stars, songs, talks, laughs and learning from the Andean life, fauna, flora and history.

Crossing the Andes to Horse:
Why choose us?

We offer a real expedition by horses, crossing the highest summits of the Andes, following in the footsteps of liberator “General San Martin”. We cross the Andes among the highest hills in the America, like Mt. Aconcagua (6962 m) and Mt. Mercedario (6848 m). We ride by horses over 4500 m above sea level, and you feel touch the sky with your hands. This expedition can be compared to the logistics ascension to the summit of Aconcagua.

We want to give you the best possible memories of an incredible expedition into the heart of the Andes.

We don’t offer a simple ride of 10 days; we offer you an real expedition that will take you to the heart of the Andes, far from any civilization, pollution and high voltage cables. We take a very long way during the horseback riding and not frequented by tourists. We like enjoy with you the real wilderness away from the daily stress.

Any questions, we are at your disposal.




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