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What to bring during the trip?

 Andean Crossing

     Recommended Routes:
  - "Piuquenes Pass", 6 days
  - "Los Patos Valley", 10 days

     Others routes of this
     Adventure by  horses:

  - "Los Patos Valley", 11 days

    Data and Informations of the
    Andean Crossing Adventure:

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Horseback riding, 6 days

6 days, Horse riding "to the Glacier"
6 days, "Laguna del Diamante"

 Horseback riding, 5 days

5 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
5 days, Horse riding in "Winter"

 Horseback riding, 4 days

4 days, Horse riding "Real de la Cruz"
4 days, Horse riding + Aconcagua

 Horseback riding, 3 days

3 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
3 days, Horse riding "Manzano"

3 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"
3 days, Horse riding "Extreme"

 Horseback riding, 2 days

2 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"

 Horseback riding, full day

1/2 day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Manzano"

 Horseback riding in
 Colombia - new!

10 days, "Colombia`s Vergel"
6 days, "The Viceroy´s Roads"

 General Information

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Required Equipment

Suggested clothes:

Wide-brimmed hat.
1 windstopper jacket.
Warm clothes (1 sweater, 1 polar jacket, thermal underwear, long underwear or cotton leggings).
Waterproof jacket.
Wool cap and gloves (like ski gloves).
Warm sleeping bag (-10ºC).
2 trousers (comfortable for riding) like the gaucho bombacha. If the weather is cold you can carry warm underwear. Don´t use jeans as they are hard and in low temperatures they make you feel cold.
2 long-sleeve shirts.
3 to 6 pairs of socks.
2 T-shirts.
02 pairs of comfortable sports sneakers or trekking shoes. Don't bring width shoes (it's necessary that you can put your feet easily in the stirrup). You can wear riding boots.
Gaiters to mount.
Leather gloves to mount.
A blanket which you will use to pad the saddle and to warm you up during the night.

Suggested personal gear:
Personal medicine.
1 plastic bottle or a water bottle.
Flashlight and batteries.
Sun glasses. Eye drops (for persons who are sensitive or allergic to the dust).
Sun protective cream (factor 30 or more), moisturizing cream, protective lipstick, milking cream in case of chapped skin.
Elements for personal hygiene (hand towel, soap, toothbrush, towelettes, etc.).
Don't bring watch.




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