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Aconcagua - Normal Route, 17 days
Summit expedtion
Trekking Aconcagua

Trekking Plaza Francia, 3 days
Trekking Plaza Mulas, 5 days
- Equipment List.

Aconcagua Expedition

Normal Route, 17 days
Normal Route Extended
Route 360°, 19 days
- Equipment List - Summit expedition

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Aconcagua Provincial Park  
Expedition to the highest peak of America, with 6962 meters above the sea  
This 17-day program was designed thinking on the proper balance between time of acclimatization and summit success.
Ideal for climbers who already have a previous acclimatization or that prefers shorter programs

About the Route
The Normal route starts with an acclimatization trekkings to Plaza Francia, and then we made the approach to Plaza de Mulas, a 40 km trek. It takes us three days to get to Plaza de Mulas. This guarantee a very good acclimatization before start the climbing of Aconcagua.

Our suggested program includes two days of double equipment porting and security. When the last stage begins, we go higher and higher until we reach the summit. In the Aconcagua, sometimes the presence of a white wind makes the ascent difficult, this is what we use the security days for thus increasing the chances of reaching the summit.

Photos: Aconcagua Expedition

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Day 01 · Mendoza
Day 02 · Penitentes
Day 03 · Confluencia
Day 04 · Plaza Francia
Day 05 · Plaza de Mulas
Day 06 · Plaza de Mulas
Day 07 · Carry to Camp 1
Day 08 · Ascent to Camp 1
Day 09 · Move to Camp 2
Day 10 · Carry to Camp 3
Day 11 · Ascent to Camp 3
Day 12 · Summit
Days 13 and 14 · Reserve
Day 15 · Plaza de Mulas.
Day 16 · Return to Mendoza.
Day 17 · Mendoza

Normal Route · Detailed itinerary

Day 01 · MENDOZA – Altitude: 760 mts

Our expedition starts in Mendoza, Argentina. A representative of our company will be waiting for you at the airport. We will stay at the hotel in the city. A group meeting will follow and you will be introduced to your guides and team members.
Accommodation: Hotel double basis –Meals: Breakfast

Day 02 · Mendoza / Penitentes – Altitude: 2700 mts.
We will obtain individual entrance and ascent permits. You will be personally assisted in this procedure. After this we travel to Villa de Penitentes, where we stay at a Hotel in the mountain. There we get the equipment ready for transportation to the base camp, by mule.
Accomodation: Hotel – Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 03 · Penitentes / Confluencia – Altitude: 3.368 m.s.n.m.
We drive you to Horcones Park, where we get our first view of the mountain. We will get our permits checked at the Ranger station. Then, we head off to Confluencia by walking 4 or 5 hours.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 04 · Acclimatization trekking to Plaza Francia – Altitude: 4.200 mts.
We've included this day in order to acclimatize better, and give you more chances to summit. We'll trek for about 5 hours until we arrive to Plaza Francia, base camp of the impressive Aconcagua South Wall. This is one of the nicest points of the expedition.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 05 · Approach from Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas – Altitude: 4.250 mts.
After 8-9 hours hiking across "Playa Ancha" and climbing up through a very steep path, we reach Plaza de Mulas, the biggest base camp in Aconcagua Park. By the end of the day, most of us will feel the altitude.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 06 · Rest day at Plaza de Mulas – Altitude: 4.250 mts.
The first day in Base Camp is always a rest day and a good occasion to take a bath and explore the local terrain.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 07 · Carry equipment and food to Camp 1 – Altitude: 4.900 mts.

This is a challenging day where we gain 1.000 m. with a heavy load on easy terrain. Then we'll return to Base Camp. It's important to take advantage of the comfort and lower altitude at Base Camp.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 08 · Ascent from base camp to Camp 1 – Altitude: 4.900 mts.
The following morning we definite start the ascent to Aconcagua. We move to Camp 1, called "Plaza Canada". Until now, we were working on get an optimal acclimatization. We want everyone to have the best possible chance to do summit.
Accommodation:Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 09 · Move to Camp 2 – Altitude: 5.400 mts.

Camp 2, called "Nido de Condores" (meaning Condor Nest), is located in a high pass at 5.400 m. and provides a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 10 · Carry equipment from Camp 2 to Camp 3 – Altitude: 6.000 mts.
This day, we carry equipment to Camp 3 called "Camp Colera". After carrying the equipment up, we return to Camp 2 to sleep, to give our bodies more chances to acclimatize.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 11 · Ascent from Camp 2 to Camp 3 – Altitude: 6.000 mts.
We start a 4 hours walk to Camp 3, located on the North Ridge. We will prepare our tents and eat and rest, to be ready to get the summit.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 12 · Summit day – Altitude: 6.962 mts.
It is the most demanding day of the expedition. We climb the North Ridge to Independencia Refuge at approximately 6.500 m. We ascend through the "Portezuelo del Viento" , climb "La Canaleta", and the "Filo del Guanaco", that leads us to the summit. The prize is waiting for us, a 360° view and the experience of overcoming, that you only finally understand once you reach it. At the end of this experience, we descend to Camp 3.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Days 13 and 14 · Spare days in case of bad weather conditions.
We have three extra days set aside on our itinerary to attempt summit. These extra days are built in to provide the best possible conditions for each participant to summit. Accommodation:Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 15 · Return to Base Camp.
Return from Camp 3 to Base Camp. We'll enjoy a great dinner to celebrate the experience.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 15 · Return to Base Camp.
Return from Camp 3 to Base Camp. We'll enjoy a great dinner to celebrate the experience.
Accommodation: Tents – Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 16 · Return from base camp to Penitentes and back to Mendoza.
We have breakfast and then start the descent from Plaza de Mulas to Penitentes. There is a private transport waiting for us to take us to the hotel in Mendoza City.
Accommodation:Hotel double basis –Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 17 · Mendoza
We have breakfast at the hotel. Check Out and end of services.

Normal Route · Services Included

Professional Guides
We are all professional, experimented and highly qualified guides, with degrees and licenses from organisms that guarantee their special training, graduates from th Provincial School for Mountain and Trekking Guides (EPGAMT), the only school that specializes on the Aconcagua, accredited in the Argentine Association for Mountain Guides (AAGM) and members of the Professional Mountain and Trekking Guides (AGPMT). Some of the guides have licences from the UIGAM.

All the transportation are in private vehicle. Transport Airport – Hotel in Mendoza (18 km). Transport Mendoza-Penitentes (180 km). Transport to and from Penitentes-Horcones,Aconcagua Park Entrance(7 km). Return to Mendoza from Horcones (187 km).

City of Mendoza: Two (2) nights of lodging in a 3 *** hotel in the city of Mendoza, double or triple, half board, beverages not included.
Penitentes: One (1) night at the Ayelen Hotel in Penitentes, a 3***, Double or triple, half board, beverages not included. The welcome dinner, breakfast and taxes are included.
Mountain Camps: All nights of the expedition at tents, Double, Full Board.

All meals are included during the approaching, at Base Camp and high altitude camps. Meals are prepared daily by the cooks. Our diet include, among other things, fresh fruit, meat, chicken, vegetables, fresh eggs, bread and argentine wine. Our meals are energy balanced with all your body requires for the ascent. We are also prepared to elaborate special meals, vegetarian and other kinds.

There is permanent communication, 24 hours a day, through VHF, HF radios, Satellite Telephones, between Base Camps, mountain expeditions, Penitentes and Mendoza. This guarantees safety and organization that will lead your expedition to be a successful one. We also offer an e-mail service in Plaza de Mulas at reasonable costs.

Mules for equipment transportation

We take your equipment (30 kg/person) from Puente del Inca to Plaza de Mulas (Base Camp) back and forth. Our "responsibility and confidence service" means taking your equipment on time and in perfect conditions to and from Base Camp and back to Penitentes. We own our tame mules and the carriers are experimented.

Dining Domes
The kitchen and dining domes are completely equiped with tables, chairs, dishes, electricity and heat, to provide the highest comfort and quality services. They are attended by our Camp Team, in charge of preparing meals and of offering an excepcional service, a friendly treatment.

Medical Equipment

Our Base Camps have their own portable altitude chamber, oxygen equipment, oximeters and first aid kits for an immediate response under any situation.

Dormitory Tents
We provide our clients with the best mountain tents available (The North Face, Mountain Hard Wear) equipped with comfortable mats at the base camps. Also we have exclusive bathroom for our clients, toilettes at Confluencia Camp and letrines at Plaza de Mulas and Argentina Camps. We also offered hot water baths at convenient prices.

The porter is in charge of helping the group with the extra weight the group equipment represents, such as tents, food and fuel. This is to avoid extra unnecessary efforts so you can preserve your energy, for the day you reach the summit. If you need a porter to help you with your personal gear, all you need to do is ask for one.

Other services
*Assistance in the obtainment of Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance permits. The Aconcagua is a reserved area, managed by the Government of the Province of Mendoza. To be able to enter the park one must obtain a permit, for trekking or for ascending to the summit. By government disposition, this procedure must be done personally in the offices in Mendoza, with your passport or personal document. Our job is to accompany you to the offices to fill in the forms. The permit cost is not included in our services.

*Facility for the deposit and care of equipment. A person in charge of the camp supervises your equipment while you ascend.Personal equipment reviews and advice for rental, if necessary.

This program does not include:
* Aconcagua Park climbing fee (tax charged by Mendoza government, according to dates)
* Personal equipment
* Rescue or other costs due to abandon of expedition.
* Personal expenses (tips, laundry, phone, drinks, and porters or other items not specified above.)
* Extra nights in hotel in case of early return to the city.
* Meals in Mendoza
* All other services not listed as included.
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