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Aconcagua - Mule Services  
Trekking Aconcagua

Trekking Plaza Francia, 3 days
Trekking Plaza Mulas, 5 days
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Aconcagua Expedition

Normal Route, 17 days
Normal Route Extended
Route 360°, 19 days
- Equipment List - Summit expedition

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Transport of gears in mules towards the main base camps of the Aconcagua:  
Base camp - Aconcagua  
Service to:
  • PLAZA DE MULAS (4.250 meters): base camp of the normal route.
  • CONFLUENCIA (3.400 meters)
  • PLAZA FRANCIA (4.100 metros) base camp of the South Wall.
  • PLAZA ARGENTINA (4.200 meters(4.200 meters.): base camp of the "Polish Glacier" you Spend the night in PAMPA DE LEÑAS (2.800 meters.) and CASA DE PIEDRA (3.200 m.), by the Vacas Valley.
Fees season 2011 / 2012:
Listed below are the fees, for the transport of gear from Puente de Inca to the different base camps of Aconcagua. Prices per kilo in American dollars. One way, same prices for the way back.

Plaza de
Plaza Argentina
1 a 60 kg.
US $ .-90
US $ .-180
US $ .-360
61 a 120 kg.
US $ .-135
US $ .-270
US $ .-540
121 a 180 kg.
US $ .-180
US $ .-360
US $ .-720
181 a 240 kg.
US $ .-540
US $ .-1080
241 a 300 kg.
US $ .-630
US $ .-1260
301 a 360 kg.
US $ .-720
US $ .-1440

Included services
Transfer to passengers from Puente de Inca or Penitentes to Horcones or Punta de Vacas, as you need, in private vehicle.
Right to use latrine tent in base camp.
Luggage store-rooming in Puente del Inca and in the base camp.
Besides we have radio communications to ask for descend.
If you contract your load descend with Trekking travel, we take your rubbish down free.

How to pack?
Each bag should not overweight the 30 kilos. The mules transport a maximum of 60 kilos.
For this reason we require not to pack the bags bigger than 30 kilos in just one bag. We should balance the loads with a maximum of 30 kilos for each side of the mule. The mules and the muleteers will transport all your load up to the base camps. You only must carry your small backpack for the trekk.

People transport
You can enjoy, a horse back riding in the Aconcagua Park. The people can rent mules and horses from and towards the base camps. Evacuations and rescues.
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